We dare to dream big and we advocate for the success of our friends, family, partners, clients, and community. Why? We've seen our share of hard times and we've been lucky enough to overcome them. We insist on paying our good fortune forward as a means of showing gratitude and appreciation to our neighbors.


Donations, volunteering, sponsorships, fundraising, referrals, and promotion are just some of the ways that we enjoy contributing. Every quarter, we develop social programs that correspond to community needs. Programs include technology donations, career mentoring, sponsoring women in technology, and more. Please see our current programs and events below.




This quarter we are focused on:

  • Donated our time to assist two small businesses problem solve current challenges that they were facing. 

  • ONGOING - Mentoring high-school students who are at-risk and offering them paid freelance positions at the Boley Group.

  • ONGOING - Volunteering our time through

  • ONGOING - Annual donations of our services to start-ups and non-profits and hardware when available.


In the past, we've focused on:

  • We purchased a years worth of school supplies for five classrooms in NYS.  

  • Donation of our time and services to a fundraising event. We drew caricatures to raise money for a child with life threatening medical issues.

  • Monetary donations to UNICEF

  • Monetary donations to our local homeless shelter

Check out our blog or social media for regular updates and find out how you can join in with us.

Be the good you want to see in the world!




Tell your network about us and when they partner with us, you'll get a free gift or get paid our referral fee.


Continue to receive gifts after you've partnered with us. Follow our ticket system protocols and get a free lunch on us. Write a testimonial and get a thank you gift card on us. 


Share themed content to our social pages and be automatically entered to win prizes. Themes can be found on social media. Be sure to follow us!




When we have extra hardware available, we wipe it and re-purpose it for schools, non-profit organizations, small start-ups, and individuals in need. If you would like to be a recipient of a hardware donation, please fill out the form below.

Every year, we donate a website to a non-profit organization or small start-up business. If you would like to be a recipient of our annual free website donation, please fill out the form below.


We additionally donate one of the following: a Corporate Identity package (business cards, letterhead, envelope, and promotional postcard), one illustration, a monetary donation (charity, sponsorship, or scholarship), or a time donation (Habitat for Humanity, business consultation, etc.) We also perform trades and Quid Pro Quo services if your services are applicable to us. If you would like to be a recipient of an annual donation, please fill out the form below.

Donation application deadlines occur during the first week of December. Award notifications go out the first week of January. If you have not been chosen this year, your application will be submitted to the next year's pool of applicants. Donation recipients are chosen at the discretion of the Boley Group. If you have been a recipient of a past donation, you are not eligible for another.   

Let's spread the giving around.