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Five Major Misconceptions About Technology

1. Battery Usage

Many people believe in the misconception that if you don’t fully drain and recharge your phone and laptop batteries, they’ll lose the ability to hold a decent charge. While this may have once been true with recent advances in battery technology, that has become false! Most devices now use lithium-ion batteries that can be charged conveniently at any time, no matter what the charge is at. Neat, eh?

2. Video Games

While video games have been blamed for a child’s bad behavior many a time before, a plethora of studies have proven the myth to be false. Looking at data over 10 years, a 2013 study from the University of Glasgow showed that video games actually improve cognitive responses and hand-eye coordination in children as well as young teens. In a separate study, it was found that kids who play video games less than an hour a day were happier and more coherent than kids who didn’t play at all!

3. Cell Phones Give You Brain Cancer

Despite being a large topic of discussion among people in the 1990’s and 2000’s, no research has found a common link between cellular usage and brain cancer. Even still, an 11-year study in the UK found that “despite exhaustive research, we have found no evidence of risks to health from the radio waves produced by mobile phones or their base stations.”

4. Metal In Microwaves

While it can definitely be dangerous, it’s not as harmful as you may think! Rather than the quantity, it more depends on the shape of metal objects. Sharp edges, such as forks and knives, conduct electrons that result in sparks, while objects with a more rounded surface, like spoons, wouldn’t cause a problem. In the end, you probably shouldn’t do it, it’s pointless; who wants to eat with a hot spoon?

5. More Bars On Your Phone Mean Better Service

Bars on your phone indicate your signal strength to the closest cell tower to your device. With that being said, the misconception is that your signal strength shows service quality; your service depends on how many devices that cell tower is serving at that given time. You may notice that when in busy areas, that reception will most likely suck, this is because that cell tower isn’t equipped to serve the wave of people in that specific area at that time.

The more you know! 🌈

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