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Boley Group's Friends List is Growing with a New Partnership!!

Every year, we assess our business partnerships to determine who we will continue our partnership with, start a new partnership with, or drop. No hard feelings to anyone, we simply prefer to work with companies who are like-minded and promote innovation. With that in mind, we are very excited to announce our official partnership with AgoraPulse! AgoraPulse is social media management platform company that allows users to manage all of their social media accounts from one, central location.

So why did we partner with AgoraPulse over the more popularly known social management platform Hootsuite? Price and innovation. Social media for business is essentially pointless without some tie towards business goals and analytics. AgoraPulse makes it incredibly affordable and easy to see social analytics to target customers and research competitors. AgoraPulse also recently updated their entire platform and have dedicated customer support making it easier for the average user to navigate. As a partner, we enjoy their forward thinking approach towards improving their platform with forums for users to make suggestions, ask questions, and actually receive answers. They've developed a real community that encourages success for everyone involved. Kudos to them and we are very excited to be a part of it!

Ok, so yea AgoraPulse is great according to us but how does a partnership with us and AgoraPulse work out for the client? When we manage social media for our clients, the client gets a free trial of AgoraPulse, we do the heavy lifting, link all of their accounts together on the platform, we train the client for free, and dissect the incoming data for the client to better their business. We are an ally. If they decide AgoraPulse isn't for them, we discontinue the free trial at no hassle to them and use other tools to get them where they need to be. If you would like to talk about the benefits of having your business' social media managed and tied to attainable goals, let's set up a call!

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