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25 Next Level Apps for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Social Media: 21-25

September 14, 2018

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Four Tips to Keeping Your Social Media Account(s) Active, Effortlessly

July 26, 2017

Let’s face it, social media can be complicated. With the tedious upkeep of multiple accounts when it comes to business management or self-promotion, we sometimes just don’t have the time or we forget. Life happens, man! Here are some major tips to casually keep up the pace, without the commitment or regular initiative! 😁


  1. Queuing


 Tumblr Queue Page


Some social media platforms allow you to set up posts beforehand on your own free time, so you don’t have to *actually* post live or worry about it when the need arises. Tumblr set up this system in 2013 for personal and business usage!



2. Analyze your Analytics through Platforms


Facebook Pages App


To save you from saying, “Why doesn’t so-and-so platform allow queuing and how do I know if I'm posting in ways that are engaging?!”, the developers of Facebook created an app to effectively manage your Facebook pages' posts as well as look at how your page is doing through statistics and analytics! The data will give you a better idea of who your target audience is so you can encourage better user generated content. Cool, right? Check out these reviews!









3. Updating Your Stories


Instagram Stories


From what many people have noticed, Instagram and Facebook “Stories” (derived from the Snapchat’s “Story” section), seem to get a lot of attention from users. That's because they are literally at the very top of every fans’ newsfeed! Simply updating even just your Story once a day can keep fans' attention regularly, saving you the added time of creating multiple posts. Plus, stories disappear after a certain amount of time! Post on my brethren!!



4. Use Reminder Bots (I know, but they’re really cute)


Facebook Messenger Reminder Bots


Once Facebook’s pal in crime Messenger debuted, the developers decided to create certain bots to help with day-to-day tasks, thus creating a mass wave of businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-promoters joining in on the fun. These bots can remind you to manage your accounts (or take out the dog, etc., etc). Here are seven recommended bots for reminders. For example, say “Remind me to wish Alex a Happy Birthday tomorrow at 5:00 pm”, and voila! Done! You can even mix it up with queuing your posts by reminding you about the up-keep.






And there you have it! Four time-saving tips to stay active on social media.


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