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25 Next Level Apps for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Social Media: 21-25

We've made it to our last series post in the breakdown of our top 25 favorite apps that will take your photo, video, and social media content to the next level. Catch up in the series with our previous posts 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20 in our blog. If you are caught up, thanks for sticking around!

Let's jump into to our favorite, most favorite, favorite 5 apps.

21.) Gifs For Your Mobile Posting - Giphy

Pull any gif you can think of from Giphy. What is a gif? In short, it's an animated, looped, shortened video or graphic that computers treat like images instead videos. Giphy is a shareable, uploadable database of gifs that are organized by emotions, reactions, most liked gifs, and more.

Giphy Pros: Search for gifs tied to humor, anger, or topics trending. Save them to your phone as gifs or videos and then share them on almost any platform. We absolutely love Giphy for anything related to reaction or humor, as if you couldn't already tell. Gifs are incredibly enriching to social content and are an easy tool to use to make your posts relatable. Giphy is free with little to no ads - this is a major app to use for sure.

Giphy Cons: While there is a gif for almost every situation, sometimes you cannot find the gif that really speaks to what you're trying to say. With that sai