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25 Next Level Apps for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Social Media: 16-20

We're now a month into our series breakdown of our top 25 favorite apps that will take your photo, video, and social media content to the next level. If you haven't checked out the previous sets 1-5, 6-10, or 11-15, explore our blog and get on that!

This week's breakdown and next week's are going to be incredibly valuable to creating that wow factor. You don't want to miss them!

16.) Tracking Your Followers - Followers (and others)

Here's a story - you suddenly obtain a new follower; maybe even a semi-celebrity and you overflow with excitement. You can't believe they followed you, so you immediately follow them back, only to find days later that they have unfollowed you. You feel cheap and realize that they only followed you to obtain a follow back. Insert 'rage' here. Does this sound familiar?

Followers Pros: Most social media platforms allow you to track your follower data to easily prevent these annoying situations - either directly on the platform or through management tools. Most that is, expect Instagram. Instagram is notorious for revoking follower data access from management tools and so, users take advantage of this and frequently 'follow to unfollow'. But this is not the case with the Followers app. The Followers app is the only app we've found to accurately and actively track your IG followers so you can see who follows you, who you follow, who unfollowed you, and more. Use this tool to ensure that no more shady accounts will capitalize off of you for their inflated clout!

Followers Cons: The Followers app is a little annoying in regards to how long it takes to load your account data. They also insist that there are accounts blocking you but you can't see these mysterious, unknown accounts unless you pay for them. If you cave and do pay to see them, you will find that these 'accounts' are more like bots that we suspect the Followers app generates to make you think there is something more nefarious going on. This is not the case; don't waste your money on the add-ons!

17.) Unique and Vintage Video Capturing - VHSCam

Did you grow up with VHS camcorders or recall your dad carrying a giant one around to every major event? Maybe your family home videos just bring nostalgia every time you watch them. Or maybe you're so young, you have no idea what I'm talking about but you're on the hunt for something 'vintage'. This is the app for you.

VHSCam Pros: It is just like the original VHS camcorder but so.much.better. It mimics the fuzzy, skipping quality of vhs, the clunky buttons, the app was free, and your phone isn't 15 lbs!

VHSCam Cons: If you have a tendency to capture video on your phone from an upright, vertical angle, this app may frustrate you. It only allows you to capture video from a horizontal angle.

18.) Cost Effective Video Editing - Videorama

Of all the video editing apps out there, this is our favorite!

Videorama Pros: It has all of the functionality of any other basic video editing app but it also gives you extras like a wide variety of fonts to use and animation intros/exits, and song integration. What makes this app standout is the fact that while they do offer pro versions like other apps, you can actually choose between a subscription price or a one-time lifetime purchase. We chose the lifetime purchase simply because subscription costs add up over time and many competitor apps do not offer lifetime access for a one time purchase.

Videorama Cons: While Videorama does allow a lot of features for free, they also place a branded watermark on all of the videos unless you upgrade. Ugh! So it's a good app, but worth the money for an upgrade!

19.) Custom Live Photos - IntroLive Pro

Make your own custom live photos!

IntroLive Pro Pros: Live photos bring up strong reactions for some folks. You either love them or hate them. But what's cool about IntroLive Pro is that if you love them, you can use the tool to make your own live photos from any photo or video you want; including memes. Live photos aren't just for generic iPhone cameras anymore! If you don't like live photos, well.. you can ignore this app ranking then.

IntroLive Pro Cons: This tool is for iPhones only; in fact live photos are predominantly an iPhone technology for now. Microsoft and Android are both developing their own versions of Live Photo tools so if you don't have it yet, give it time. It is coming your way!

20.) Add Music to Videos - Add Music to Video Editor

Don't let the long, awkward name steer you away, this app delivers.

Add Music to Video Editor Pros: Multiple sounds tracks to choose from that are organized by style and very easy to clip and position into your video. You can even add your own voice over and share your work.

Add Music to Video Editor Cons: To get all the bells and whistles, the app offers subscription plans and you have to pay to get additional tracks. The ads are also a little overkill but despite this is it currently one of the highest ranked apps for adding music to your videos.

There it is! So hot and spicy! Try them out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for the final countdown next week!

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