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25 Next Level Apps for Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Social Media: 1-5

At the request of many clients, we've decided to list our top 25 favorite apps that will take your social media content to the next level. The 25 app ranks will be broken down into series of blog posts over the next five weeks covering five apps in each post, so please check back frequently. Let's get started!

1.) Pro Photo Editing - Adobe Photoshop Express, Fix and Mix!

While these are technically three separate apps, we've combined them into their own rank given that they are all from Adobe and easily intermingle features.

Express Pros: It's the bite-sized version of Photoshop with an interface that is much like the Desktop version. Easy integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Behance.

Express Cons: While the app is free, you need to sign in with an Adobe account to use it.

Fix Pros: Photo-retouching for free! Easily use Photoshop favorite tools like clone stamp or patch to replace backgrounds.

Fix Cons: May not be the best photo-editing tool for novice users or those unfamiliar with Adobe Suite Products.

Mix Pros: An excellent tool for composition editing, combining multiple photos, cutting out backgrounds, and utilizing layer assets.

Mix Cons: Not for the novice user or those unfamiliar with Adobe Suite Products. There are some functionality features that the user has to intuitively know how to use.

2.) The Everyday User's Photo Editor - PicsArt Photo Editor & Collage

A very popular photo editor for every user.

PicsArt Pros: A variety of tools, filters, effects, user-created stickers, collage features, and more. Plus it's free!

PicsArt Cons: Users have reported login and password reset issues. Users have also reported an excessive amount of pop-ups.

3.) If You're Obsessed with Photo Filters - Photo Lab Filters for Pictures

Infinite filters for every personality and style.

Photo Lab Filters for Pictures Pros: A wide range of effects and filters for photos. 800+ effects!

Photo Lab Filters for Pictures Cons: The monthly or yearly fees can get expensive in the long run.

4.) Protecting Privacy - Censor for Photos

Blur out faces, easily place black bars over eyes.

Censor for Photos Pros: Free and very easy to use.

Censor for Photos Cons: In-app purchases may limit abilities.

5.) Removing Backgrounds in Images - Magic Eraser Background Editor

The app offers the user control over what to remove, how to remove it, and doing so quickly.

Magic Eraser Background Editor Pros: Highly ranked and straight-forward, there are a variety of users at all skill levels who promote this app.

Magic Eraser Background Editor Cons: Users have complained that the app is overrun with ads and asks for reviews too often.

So there it is, the first 5 apps! Come back next week for the next 5 and let us know if you enjoyed this set. Download them and give them a try!

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